What We Do


Combining strong academic background with extensive practical experience, our experts provide technical advisory on renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions.

Auditing Reports

Our qualified and certified energy management team is equipped with the latest measurement equipment and devices to conduct professional and detailed energy audits. The results of our findings and recommendations are summarized in a final audit report.

Implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures

Our team supervises and follows up with the clients to make sure that all the recommendations provided in the Auditing study are being implemented and leads to the desired savings.

Developing customized training material

Our training programs are tailor-made to meet the specific needs and expectations of our clients, and the pre-qualifications and experience of their staff. Our training programs cover theoretical, technical, and practical elements, and include real-world case studies reflecting current challenges faced by our clients.

Providing high quality training courses

Our experts are local and regional certified leaders in the education of principles and advanced applications of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Energy Workshops

Periodic energy workshops are being held to spread the awareness about sustainable energy and energy efficiency for different sectors.


Sourcing the right vendors and partnering with Tier 1 PV components providers in the world is what we do; our procurement team makes sure to bring the best brands to your rooftop.


Using scientific approach and the technical know-how of our talented design team, we provide innovative design solutions that utilizes all the power of the sun that your facility (building) can use.


Implementing the structural and electrical plans designed by our team according to technical specifications and committing to the national standards.


Supervising and managing the commissioning of your PV System with the electricity distribution companies that authorize it.


Providing at least two years of free maintenance and monthly performance reporting by our O&M team, in addition to 24 hours monitoring of your system’s production & performance.