ETA-max celebrates the opening of World Plastic factory Solar Energy Project

News Add Date / Time: 2018-01-20 06:20:32


World Plastic for Construction Industries is one of the leading companies in the Jordanian industrial sector; the prices of energy have been rapidly increasing in the past few years thus causing a burden not only on industrial company’s profit margins but also on the national grid. World plastic have taken a major step towards facing this challenge and turning it into an opportunity; partnering with ETA-max Energy and Environmental Solutions, the company has recently operated a 712.53 kWp on grid solar photovoltaic system that covers 80% of its factory’s energy needs, the system consists of 2262 photovoltaic panels distributed on warehouses rooftops, and will provide the factory with1145 MWh of electricity annually, thus reducing its environmental impact with up to 550 tons of CO2 emissions per year. This step towards using renewable energy as an alternative source of electricity was taken after ETA-max team conducted a detailed energy audit study that resulted in a set of energy efficiency measures implemented in the factory’s production lines and storage units, the implemented measures lead to increasing the efficiency of energy use in the factory.